(Solved) Windows 10 Update Failed Error Fix


There are many reasons why you get an error message when you upgrade or install Windows 10, but common errors can be corrected in a few steps that you can do yourself.

The following list of patches can solve many problems when updating Windows. You should try these steps before contacting Microsoft support or performing an advanced analysis of a Windows update error.

Solution 1 - Remove external hardware


If the computer is portable and is currently in a docking station, remove the computer.

Remove unnecessary external devices from the computer, such as:

  1. headphones
  2. levers
  3. printing worker
  4. plotter
  5. projectors
  6. scan
  7. orator
  8. USB sticks
  9. Portable Hard Drives
  10. Portable CD/DVD/Blu-ray players
  11. microphones
  12. media card reader
  13. Cameras / Webcams
  14. smartphones
  15. Secondary monitors, keyboards, mice, etc.

Solution 2 - Run Microsoft troubleshooting.


Microsoft Troubleshooter is the integrated Windows program that can help you correct the update error in the simplest way.

Step 1 - Enter the error correction in the search field.

Step 2 - When it opens, select View All.

Step 3 - Select the Windows Update option.

Step 4 - Click Next to continue.

Step 5 - Then click the Try troubleshooting as administrator option (if available).

Step 6 - Select Windows Update again.

Step 7 - Click Next to begin troubleshooting.

Step 8- Click Close.

Restart your computer and try installing it again. And you will see that the bug is fixed.

Solution 3 - Remove update files from the Windows 10 year update folder to correct installation errors.


If Windows 10 Anniversary Update is blocked or refuses to install, something is wrong with the file itself. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean the folder where all Windows 10 Anniversary update files are stored to force Windows Update to download a new version.

1. Get to driver C: \Windows\Software distribution\Download

2. Press Ctrl + A and select Delete to delete all files in the folder (but not the folder itself).

3. Restart your computer.

4. Download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update again to install it.

Solution 4 - Disable the security software and perform a clean boot.


Disable any security software or virus protection (if installed), check for updates, install available updates, and then enable your virus protection.

A clean boot of your computer can also help. If third-party software that causes a conflict downloads and installs Windows updates. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the search box > type msconfig.
  2. Select System Configuration > go to the Services tab.
  3. Select Hide All Microsoft Services > Disable All.
  4. Go to the Start tab > Open Task Manager > Disable all unnecessary services running there. Restart your computer and check for updates, hoping that updates will be downloaded and installed this time without errors.

Despite the best intentions, some updates are simply buggy and will not be installed no matter what you do. Browsing Microsoft's Windows-based blogs and online technology forums can alert you to information or workarounds for installing problematic updates.