Repairing Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f Problem


One of the most teasing bugs that exist in older versions of Windows, including Windows XP, and in newer versions, including Windows 10, is the 0xc00000f error. This error is connected to the Windows boot manager and when Windows attempts to read boot configuration data, it displays this error message that prompts users to repair their PC from the Windows installation media.

Solutions to correct error 0xc00000f:

There are several solutions to this problem. With these solutions, you can return to your Windows without losing important data.

Method 1 - Using the bootrec.exe tool


To correct this error message, you can use the Windows built-in bootrec.exe program. This method also requires a bootable installation under Windows DVD/USB. The main purpose of this tool is to recreate the boot configuration data (BCD) that controls Windows boot.

To access the bootrec.exe tool, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Reboot your computer and use a bootable DVD/USB to boot it.
  2. When the key is requested, press any key on the keyboard.
  3. Select the language, time, currency and keyboard and press Next.
  4. Select the operating system to repair and click Next.
  5. Now select the command prompt in the system recovery options.

A black screen appears with a blinking cursor. Type bootrec.exe at the command prompt and press Enter on the keyboard. It starts by rebuilding the BCD and your PC is restored to its normal state.

Method 2 - Remove the device


Damaged peripheral hardware can lead to error 0xc00000f under Windows 10. You can delete the device to correct the error. Take these steps:

Remove all devices connected to your computer (except the keyboard and mouse).
Remove all CDs, USB and DVDs from their respective ports.
Restart your computer to see if it starts normally.

Method 3 - Hard disk check


Before proceeding, make sure that your equipment is not causing the problem for you. Start the chkdsk tool and check your hard disk first.

1. Insert your installation CD/DVD into the drive and turn on the PC. After setting the language, keyboard, etc., select the Repair Computer option at the bottom.
2. Select the Windows installation drive, which is usually C:\, and click Next.
3. After viewing the system recovery options, the prompt containing those options is displayed. Enter and execute the following command by pressing Enter - -.

chkdsk C : /f

Let him finish the process and see if an error occurs on your hard drive.

This is all you need to do to restore your PC to a working state when the error code 0xc00000f appears.