How to get the most out of your company profile in Google +?

Every day, new platforms and networks that invite us to join and create accounts that are often forgotten. As a company and I have a fan page on Facebook Is it necessary that I embarked on a new network?

An account on Google + may seem one more of these efforts without results, however by implementing the right strategies, we can benefit greatly from this network.

Having a Google Company Profile + allows mainly that our clients know more about our brand, the more our customers know about our products, services or proposal, it is easier to determine how to approach.

Google + Enterprise is active and available for several months but not all brands know how to take advantage of the possibilities that the network allows. Let's look at some strategies that can help us make better use of Google + and increase our participation in the Internet:

Share and generate

Develop the company profile as complete as possible, with valuable information on each of the available fields, describing what he does business, contact details, web page, links to other sites related to the company network accounts social and photographs.

Share information that will interest and benefit to his followers, but at the same time, supporting the development and growth of the brand. The best content we can share are: comments, or tips from other people, his own ideas, and educational information.

Share original information is very good, but better is to share the ideas of others. However, we must be especially careful here, because every time we recommend or share other people's ideas, we are associating our brand with these ideas and we can make serious mistakes if we do not pay attention to what we share.

Another good strategy is to publish content in different times of day, in this way, if our company has fans around the world, we ensure that everyone can see content associated with our brand.

Add half to provide material content and value to your business proposal: ebooks, videos, reports and photographs.


Interact with your customers! Building a strong relationship of trust with followers is essential. It is proven that 90% of online users trust recommendations from friends or people you trust. We must become that person's confidence and encourage our fans to turn themselves in generating content for the brand. Currently, 77% of the content of the biggest brands in the network, creating the same consumers.

How do we link? Mainly commenting on our publications, answering fans and comments using the +1 button to recommend articles or ideas of others that we found interesting.

It is important to install the Google +1 button at the official site of our company. Thus, we provide recommendations followers and favor a better position in Google searches.

Google + enables "hangouts." What is this? Hangouts, or in Spanish Meetups are basically video-conferencing, that allow screen sharing and provide the ability to incorporate up to 10 people at the same conference.

All participants can be viewed on screen and the person who is speaking at that time occupy the leading position on the screen. This resource is free and extremely useful in bringing together people in different places. It has a chat feature and one that can share YouTube videos for all participants to see at the same time. We can use this tool to resolve customer questions and concerns, teach, teach courses, business meetings and more.

Be attentive and helpful with his followers

Make sure your customers are happy and responding quickly comply comments and inquiries in person whenever possible.

To expand its proposed share videos, computer graphics or other resources that meet common concerns of customers and supporters.

Give your fans a chance to talk and share their experiences associated with the brand. This way you can create a community around the company.

Build a relevant audience

Look to connect with people who are especially interested in the proposal that your company offers. Followers stakeholders will help strengthen the brand and achieve greater online presence.

Quality versus quantity: when to increase our ties must give priority to those who help enrich the proposal as a company. At this point we must be selective, not accept them at all times. Owning our own criteria for selecting public is an important point as a strategy.

SEO is always present

Positioning strategies is something always important to take into account. In this, Google + has an advantage over other networks such as Google indexes each page company immediately generated with Google +. The posts and articles published in this network will also have better positioning in search versus those on other social networks.

What factors influence our Google + position in Google?

    The number of followers we have.
    The quality of social connections, as they are considered more important than some links.
    Owning a lot of recommendations +1 gives us a higher grade at the time of positioning in Google.

Work with sound

Develop strategies to help maintain its presence as a company at all times. A proposal of continuity is an important factor for your customers to always know what to expect from the brand.

Determine special messages

The availability of "circles" of followers, it helps to segment the audience. One way to make the most of the circles is asking his followers that want to receive information and once confirmed that information, add to the corresponding circle where they will share news and articles related to your interest.

You can also tell the same story news to all circles but in different ways. According to bond with each tracker, the message will change in form.

Still a long way to go and improve on this network. Google + was developed mainly to add a social service platform to compete with Facebook and somehow unify all Google services in one place (YouTube, Picassa, Google Search, Maps, Mobile, and more).

Google + is a tool that has not yet finished being developed and should improve further. However, so far is a good option to consider if we want to position our company and highlight our participation in the networks.

Source: PuroMarketing

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